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Ultra Sonic Carb Cleaning

Ultra Sonic Motorcycle Carb Cleaning Service


We offer an ultra sonic carb cleaning service that is second to none and we offer sonic cleaning on other parts.  Call us now on 01278 238090 / 075 161 88848 for more information.


Post Your Carbs or Drop By


When you post your carbs to us and we will strip them down, make sure that they are thoroughly clean and post them back to you.  If you are in the Somerset area you are of course welcome to drop by and ask any questions that you may have about our services. You can find us at Unit 6, Oaktree Park (Speedway Arena), Bristol Road, Edithmead, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 4HA.


Why Ultra Sonic Carb Cleaning is Best


The composition of modern fuel and the many little holes and airways inside your carbs mean that they are likely to harbour deposits that are simply not possible to remove using other cleaning methods.  For example the Isopropyl Alcohol that is added to your motorcycle’s fuel to prevent it icing up, and the high octane Ethanol that is also present in your fuel both absorb water from the atmosphere and deposit it in your carbs (and your fuel tank). Trying to clean your carbs by hand is not only very time consuming but it is also ineffective.


Ultra sonic cleaning on the other hand works by immersing parts in liquid and then agitating that liquid with high sound waves.  This creates tiny bubbles and a kind of scrubbing action in the liquid that gets into even the tiniest indentations and holes across the whole service of the object being cleaned, loosening any contaminants.


A Complete Carb Cleaning Service


Our Ultra Sonic Carb Cleaning Service includes a full strip, a sonic clean and a rebuild to standard settings.  You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your carbs really have been thoroughly cleaned.  We will also repair your carbs if necessary and set your float height and mixture screw before returning to you with an information leaflet about re-fitting your carbs.


Call us on 01278 238090 or 075 161 88848, or drop by and see us at Unit 6, Oaktree Park (Speedway Arena), Bristol Road, Edithmead, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 4HA.

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Before sonic cleaning..

After sonic cleaning